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About Dr. Hamilton


Dr.Lance Hamilton:

pros-and-cons-of-concierge-medicineDr. Hamilton was born and raised in Southeast Oklahoma. With family always at his focus, Lance had a particular closeness to his grandparents. They had a profound impact on him and influenced his entire life’s trajectory. His Grandfather died when he was just 5 years old after a long history of illness and his grandmother passed away a few years later. As a child, he was left revisiting their illnesses. He was left wondering why- Why did he have to lose his best buddy? Why didn’t his grandparents have access to quality care? Impassioned by his loss, he promised to become a physician at the age of 14 to ensure himself and others that his time would be spent serving and caring for others.

Offering a Fresh Approach to Medical Care:

When Dr. Hamilton first became a physician over 24 years ago, medical care was patient focused with more emphasis on patient interaction and direct care. He had more time with his patients, fostering a personal relationship, and allowing him a deeper understanding of the patient’s medical history.

Unfortunately, today’s medical practice is no longer about the person; instead, it’s about saving money. Government regulatory pressures, insurance company restrictions, computer technology, and time constraints create a barrier between the physician and the patient. The current infrastructure is not built to directly help the doctor-patient relationship. Money, instead of the patient, now drives care.

Dr. Hamilton is excited provide a truly patient focused approach to the medical field. Hamilton Concierge Medicine’s membership program restores that emphasis on personal connection, and ensures the highest quality care for each individual he has the honor of treating. He is excited to help his patients, at their convenience, in Northwest Arkansas.

Certifications / Professional Associations / Awards / Memberships


American Board of Internal Medicine

Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine (every 10 years)

American College of Physicians

Member, American College of Physicians

American Board of Internal Medicine

Member, American Board of Internal Medicine

Best Doctors

Best Doctors in America, 1997-present

“I have discovered that when I have a long and deep relationship with my patients, I have been able to quickly communicate and be more responsive over the phone. Being able to communicate anytime, anywhere has allowed me to make a diagnosis promptly and efficiently.”

Lance Hamilton, MD