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What Is Concierge Medicine?


Concierge medicine is a revolutionary model of medical practice which allows the patient to be at the center of the healthcare experience. Our model connects the physician to his Northwest Arkansas patients, wherever they may be, and provides 24/7 access to Dr. Hamilton. Patients pay an annual membership fee in return for the following program services:


Private Appointments


Scheduling Flexibility


Appointment Length Flexibility


24/7 Communication


Personal Wellness Coaching


Preventative Care

Membership Benefits:

As an added bonus to your membership, we offer extra services to help promote your physical health and wellness goals. Patients will have direct communication with Dr. Hamilton via personal cell phone or email for questions related to healthcare education & support, diet & nutrition, and fitness education goals.

Membership Price: $1,800 annually or $150 per month

For details about our annual membership, please fill out our contact form or give us a call.

concierge fee

Personal Wellness Coaching


Dr. Hamilton is dedicated to creating a proactive course of action to help you maintain or improve a healthy lifestyle today and in the future.

CONSULTATION: This will be an in-find-a-concierge-doctordepth session for your coach to get to know you, find out your history and discover your goals. Several additional tests will be given to complement those given in the initial executive physical.

PLAN: Your physician will use your test results and goals to develop your plan. A customized eating plan and exercise recommendations will be core components.

TOOL KIT: You will have access to information, tips and more to help you. A follow-up plan will also be set as accountability is a major factor for success and provides an opportunity to make plan adjustments.

REFERRAL: Should medical specialists be required as part of your patient care, our team will make referrals to the best qualified physicians most capable of addressing your needs.

“The primary reason I provide concierge services is to answer directly to the patient for treatment, rather than the government or an insurance company. The only way I am able to provide this to them is to create time for each person.  I went into medicine to make people well, not to spend my time at a computer entering data.”

Lance Hamilton, MD